Geyser Marketing Group

A Partnership Marketing Agency that aligns your brand with the right partners to acquire new customers and generate revenue for your business. 

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Google Case Study


Google approached Geyser Marketing Group in 2010 with a goal to acquire more small and mid-sized business customers for their industry leading AdWords product. 

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Rogers Case Study


Rogers Consumer Marketing Group approached Geyser Marketing Group in 2009 as they were looking for an agency to supplement and support their Partnership... 

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JGL Case Study


Just Green Lifestyle approached Geyser Marketing Group in 2012 alongside the launch of their new Green Lifestyle Membership products. They were looking for...

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One of the key reasons as to why most brands fail to grow is that they don't have an effective customer acquisition strategy. Brand Partnerships and Business Development deals are a cost-effective and essential ways to accelerate growth.  

At Geyser, we deliver Growth for your business.


  • by developing your partner value proposition,
  • by leveraging a proven process that on-boards the right partners, and
  • by creating a compelling program that drives profitable new customers and end-users for your brand.

Whether you are a digital publisher, online retailer, SaaS product or have a unique proposition that could be bundled with another offering; we can help you select, secure and drive your partnership marketing activities to achieve the results you are looking for.